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What is SoulBlazing?

We all have different stories that shape how we experience ourselves and the world. But what if some of those stories are based on false beliefs or misunderstandings that hold us back in life? Perhaps that’s why most of us end up asking the same questions:


  • How can I live a more purposeful life? 

  • How can I cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships? 

  • Why aren’t I financially stable?

  • What’s holding me back from being my Authentic Self?


The answers to these questions are at the heart of SoulBlazing, a life-changing method of personal transformation based on seven Imposters, or archetypes. Once you understand how they work and which ones are pulling your emotional strings, you’re able to make real shifts happen in your life.

SoulBlazing Book

Who are you truly, deep down?

SoulBlazing goes right to the heart of the emotional obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose.


An indispensable guide for Making Shift Happen. It’s both a road map for discovering your Authentic Self and a tool for transforming adversity into opportunity in all areas of life: relationships, work, and play.

Take the Quiz

This fun quiz is an easy way to determine what your dominant Imposter might be. Remember: We all have various aspects of the seven Imposters at play in our lives, but one is often in the driver’s seat. 
Each Imposter has positive and negative attributes. They can be a superpower or a saboteur, depending on how self-aware we are, but they definitely occupy center stage in our emotional lives. Want an idea of what Imposter might be pulling your strings?

SoulBlaze Your Life

Rewrite Your Story And Create Your Legacy


SoulBlaze Your Life is designed to help you reach this level of self-acceptance and self-love by reframing what’s happened “to” you and helping you create the life you love. 

Get from where you are now to where you want to be with group coaching and support.


About Lisa

Lisa is a mother, founder of SoulBlazing, life coach, author, transformational speaker, TV host and avid traveler, with an MA in Spiritual Psychology. Her fascination with people has taken her to over 60 countries, where she has worked in everything from boardrooms to yurts helping people Make Shift Happen in their lives.


Much of this humanitarian work can be found on her website  whispersfromchildrenshearts.org. She is also the Chair(wo)man of Silicon Valley’s Pitch Global L.A. chapter and frequently works with entrepreneurs helping them manifest change.




"Lisa’s workshop helped me get clarity about what I wanted to achieve. What my life purpose is."


"Lisa's exercises are really fun and unique. You learn a lot about yourself. You learn, you grow, and you cry. And you make lots of friends and learn so much about yourself."


"I listened to her CDs. They put me in a position to be debt free. Lisa’s helped me to come back into my purpose and find my passion. Live coaching with Lisa is more participatory. She’s not just talking, the sessions are active. It was great for me, I’m sure it would be great for you too."


"Lisa’s helped me with family issues, financial issues and achieving my goals. I went from working at a temp agency to owning my own audio visual business. That’s thanks to Lisa and all her help."


"Lisa gave me the tools to change. She creates this incredibly safe environment with no judgments. I’m not someone who likes to share but this was liberating. Changed my life. Thank you, Lisa."

"The world will ask you who you are. If you don’t know, the world will tell you."

- Carl Jung

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