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SoulBlazing Book Available

Learn how to harness your Imposters, release negative self-talk and lead a more authentic and purposeful life.

I’m super excited to announce the forthcoming publishing of my groundbreaking book.

There are seven key Imposters, or archetypes, that underscore nearly every aspect of human behavior. In this groundbreaking self-help book, you’ll discover a framework for understanding these Imposters and how they impact your relationship to yourself, to others, and to the world at large. Order it here.

New Amazon Series

Check out my new Amazon Original Documentary series: Conversations with Master Teachers and Encounters with Metaphysical Healers. Two seasons of riveting exchanges with thought-leaders and change-agents at the forefront of metaphysics and personal transformation. Join me as I explore the frontiers of spirituality and wellness.

Learn more with the Imposter Series

Take a deep-dive into SoulBlazing in ten engaging sessions that will take you step by step through this life-changing method of self-discovery. Learn a framework for understanding yourself and other, identify the false narratives and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck, and much more! Learn more here.

Go deeper

Unpack your emotional history and create a path for personal growth and self-awareness in private one-on-one coaching sessions with Lisa. Contact us for more information at