Joanne: Lisa’s workshop help me get clarity about what I wanted to achieve. What my life purpose is. 

Annie: Lisa's exercises are really fun and unique. You learn a lot about yourself. You learn, you grow, and you cry. And you make lots of friends and learn so much about yourself.

Kenneth: I listened to her CD’s they put me in a position to be debt free. Lisa’s helped me to come back into my purpose and find my passion. Live coaching with Lisa is more participatory. She’s not just talking, the sessions are active. It was great for me, I’m sure it would be great for you too.

Jeff: Lisa’s helped me with family issues, financial issues and achieving my goals. I went from working at a temp agency to owning my own audio visual business. That’s thanks to Lisa and all her help.

Sonce: Lisa gave me the tools to change. She creates this incredibly safe environment with no judgements. I’m not someone who likes to share but this was liberating. Changed my life. Thank you, Lisa.

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