Congratulations… You’ve managed to do a lot of work on yourself and have therefore bypassed the Imposters! I’m sure they’re lurking around somewhere, at least in some small way, but for the most part, you have a strong handle on who you are, and you aren’t afraid to express it.  


Our goal in life is to have our AUTHENTIC SOUL guiding us from the inside out so we can avoid pain and live closer in Nirvana. You have achieved that!


What does this mean? Think of your AUTHENTIC SOUL as your most comfortable pair of blue jeans - or maybe, that feeling you get when you’re relaxed, at peace, and comfortable in your own skin. That’s where you live.


When you’re living from your AUTHENTIC SOUL, you live in the moment and believe that something far bigger than yourself exists. This is about living in your Internal Power, where you’re seeking your Soul’s purpose instead of making decisions based on fear from your Imposters.  


Most of us dwell within our human selves, which means that all of our experiences (and decisions!) are based on this. Gary Zukav explains this dilemma in Seat Of The Soul when he says that most people live in their minds: We don’t hear our Spirit Guides and dismiss their divine messages, so we make incomplete and disconnected choices.


This is also why our dominant culture defines POWER as something to pursue outside the self… when actually, power dwells within.

People who have achieved living from their AUTHENTIC SOUL experience the willingness to help others, treat people fairly, and see the good in all nationalities without discrimination.

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