The FIXER IMPOSTER wants to prevent other people from experiencing pain or discomfort. They feel they have the power to control people’s lives by rescuing them.  They usually come from a good place and feel that IF they are capable of solving someone’s problems, they SHOULD… but they forget that this often hinders growth. 


The FIXER IMPOSTER doesn’t limit their compassion to just family members and close friends. They also “fix” things in the workplace by trying to invite harmony when co-workers or employees aren't getting along.


If you have this well-intentioned FIXER IMPOSTER in the driver’s seat, you likely have both a desire to make things better and a need to control things or exert dominance by often giving unsolicited advice. (Key word here: "unsolicited.") The FIXER IMPOSTER doesn’t wait for you to ask for help; whether you need it or not, they’re always doling out their counsel about every little thing.


Under the guise of being helpful, people with the dominant FIXER IMPOSTER can be overbearing, over-earnest, and overwhelming. And by always trying to "fix" people, they often end up giving away their own power. 


THE SUPERPOWER: Solution-oriented, likable, intuitive


THE SABOTEUR: Controlling, micromanaging, gives unwarranted feedback

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