The JOKER IMPOSTER is a powerful archetype: They are the jester, the dunce, the trickster and the shape-shifter. Some of our most beloved comedians have dominant Joker Imposters fueling their humor. But if you have a dominant JOKER IMPOSTER, you might hide your despair behind the theatrical smile of the clown, sometimes in the extreme: You can be happy and entertaining one minute… then miserable another minute.

The JOKER IMPOSTER is portrayed as having a sadistic sense of humor or a goofy inner-prankster, and it's also a symbol for many people who feel isolated from or angry at society.

If you have a dominant JOKER IMPOSTER, you might desperately want to belong but end up sabotaging the very intimacy you crave. In fact, you might actually care more than others about intimacy, but you’ve been so emotionally wounded in the past that you don’t trust love or connection. So you turn everything into a joke, which is just insecurity masquerading as bravado.

But having a JOKER IMPOSTER at the reins is no laughing matter. You have to learn to forgive other people and stop being passive-aggressive.

THE SUPERPOWER: Creative, adventurous, life of the party

THE SABOTEUR: Insecure, wounded, duplicitous

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