Are you judgmental of yourself and others? Do you see the world in black and white, as right or wrong? Do you find fault with just about everyone and everything? Are you maybe a teeny tiny bit snobbish? If that’s you, chances are high that you have a JUDGE IMPOSTER at the helm. If you don’t get a grip on this dominant Imposter, it can work against you, feeding your judgmental nature until you become your own worst critic. 


The JUDGE IMPOSTER forms an opinion about  others by accessing who they are within seconds of meeting at a party, at an interview, or on a first date. While it’s important to make snap judgements about what is right or wrong for YOU, you shouldn’t disallow others their own journey.  


Integrating the JUDGE IMPOSTER is a noble act that comes through self-awareness and the on-going practice of truth-telling. If you can learn to take that knowledge and work with it (instead of labeling someone and feeling superior), you could develop a wider range of relationships and open yourself up to learning new things. 


Your brain is wired to make automatic judgments about others' behaviors, so you can move through the world without spending so much time “understanding” things over and over again. But “understanding” that comes with self-awareness requires your deep thinking, patience, compassion, and an open mind.


THE SUPERPOWER: Wise, honest, impartial


THE SABOTEUR: Critical, domineering, close-minded

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