Seduction is most often defined as the act of temptation: You intentionally influence another person’s actions (and generally, encourage them to do something they wouldn’t normally do). For example, you might seduce your boss to give you a promotion you haven’t yet earned.


The primary motive of people with a dominant SEDUCTOR IMPOSTER is to influence others through overt charm or more discrete game playing. (The former is often called flirtation. The latter is called manipulation.)


The main goal of the SEDUCTOR IMPOSTER, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, is to impress another person and display your positive characteristics (that are likely attractive to the other person). If you have a dominant SEDUCTOR IMPOSTER, you’re likely a pro at flattering people and luring them into your web through false feelings of intimacy - whether those feelings are sexual or emotional. 


But here’s a little secret: Ironically, people with a dominant SEDUCTOR IMPOSTER often seem to crave intimacy (and they draw people into their orbit with the promise of it); but what actually animates them behind-the-scenes is their fear of intimacy.


To get a handle on the SEDUCTOR IMPOSTER, it will be important for you to engage with people more honestly and with integrity.


THE SUPERPOWER: Passionate, sensual, pleasure-driven


THE SABOTEUR: Manipulative, secretive, sly

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