The VICTIM IMPOSTER is the mothership of all Imposters because it shares a common border with our Wounded Inner Child (and everyone has a wounded inner child). This Imposter is at the root of nearly every emotional obstacle in life. (I hate to break it to you, but there’s no escaping childhood.)


The VICTIM IMPOSTER  loves playing the “victim” card to justify any failures or poor choices.  It’s usually “someone else’s fault,” right?  The VICTIM IMPOSTER uses victimhood (whether justifiable or not) as a coping strategy to explain their lack of accomplishments in personal and work life. 


People with a dominant VICTIM IMPOSTER often harbor deep-seated emotional pain from childhood. In order to protect yourself from future pain, you tend to deflect responsibility and blame other people or circumstances for whatever is going "wrong" in you life. This mindset only perpetuates self-defeating patterns that prevent you from full self-actualization. 


This form of "dis-empowerment" is the hallmark of the VICTIM IMPOSTER. It also plays out in how you give to other people… with the hope of getting back more than you offer. (This is a form of manipulation.)


But here’s the good news: Everyone has the ability to transform adversity into meaningful growth - even if we’ve been busy licking our childhood wounds for decades! If your VICTIM IMPOSTER is dominant, you can shift negative energy into something positive with just a few new life skills.  


THE SUPERPOWER: Empathic, sensitive, loving


THE SABOTEUR: Stuck in comfort zones, blaming, has difficulty taking responsibility for things in life

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