Unmask The Imposter & Set Yourself Free

How did I just waste so many years of my life… without realizing it?

Why am I so unhappy and unfulfilled… when I have ALL THIS? 

Why can’t I just make things work? No matter how hard I try, I just keep failing (and flailing).

Do you find yourself asking these same questions, over and over again? 


And in the same breath, declaring: “But! I want to share my gifts with the world! I want to create a more meaningful life! I want to fall in love and share my life with loved ones!” 


This is your Authentic Soul speaking directly to your heart. The Authentic Soul is the Visionary of your life!


It’s your Ego who offers doubts. It’s your Ego who tries to “protect” you… from the self-actualized life you deserve.  


Your Ego is beholden by childhood wounds that say, “You can’t! You shouldn’t! You aren’t good enough. You’ll never be ready.”


And your Ego shows its face as 7 different Imposters… the Victim, the Egotist, the Seductor, the Joker, the Fixer, the Overthinker, and the Judge. 


These are the dark voices in your head telling you that you’re not worthy of what you desire. (And the worst part is, these voices are firing in your subconscious 40,000-70,000 times every day!)


It’s time we soften your Imposter voices. It’s time we make space to embrace the wiser voices of your Authentic Soul!

authentic soul.png

It can be hard to silence the voices of your Imposters (even harder to befriend)...  until you do the work.


But I promise, the work we do together will be FUN, enlightening, and game-changing!


In fact, I believe your Imposters are the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! This is your INVITATION to go on a Hero’s Journey to Self-Discovery that lasts a lifetime!

“Creating authentic power means aligning your personality with your soul.” — Gary Zukav

What’s the Hero’s Journey to Self-Discovery? Well, I call it… SoulBlazing! And it’s specifically designed to help you retrain your mind-body-heart-soul to sync *with* your Imposters… so they begin to work for you, not against you!

You will create BALANCE in mind-body-heart-soul so the voices of your Authentic Soul can take their rightful place in the spotlight!

You will shed the layers of darkness that have been clouding your judgment.

You will embrace the here-and-now to reach fulfillment in mind-body-heart-soul.

You will release your addictions and desire to be “good enough”... or “better than.”

You will invite sacred versions of your Authentic Soul that you’ve feared… until now. 

Your SoulBlazing journey will completely transform your life so you reach the next level of fulfillment.

“Lisa helped me get clarity around what I want to achieve and what my life purpose is!” - Joanne

“Lisa’s exercises are really fun and unique! You learn, you grow, and you cry… but you ultimately find inner peace.” - Annie

“Lisa helped me come back to my passion and FINALLY find my purpose!” - Kenneth

It’s time to wake up… before it’s too late. It’s time to meet your Authentic Soul!


And before you ask - YES, SoulBlazing will be uncomfortable. Your Imposters will show up louder and more clearly - in the form of fear, anger, and grief.


But with your commitment and my support, you will create powerful new habits grounded in your Authentic Soul… the part of you that’s confident, generous, joyful, and calm!


You will unmask your Imposters and step into a life filled with truth, love, meaning and purpose! 


Because when you meet the Imposters who have been your saboteurs (and when you truly get to know them) - it’s like magic! Your Imposters become your superpowers… 


And that’s when transformation happens. That’s SoulBlazing.  


Together we’ll create the safe container you need to unpack your ingrained patterns,  rewrite your story, and Make Shift Happen!

“Lisa helped me with family issues, financial issues, and achieving my goals. I went from working at a temp agency to owning my own audio and visual business… thanks to Lisa and all her help!” - Jeff


“Lisa gave me the tools to change! She creates an incredibly safe environment with no judgments.” - Sonce

This isn’t mental health therapy or emotional counseling (you’ve tried that). This is a whole-self transformation to set you free to step into your Authentic, Purposeful Life.  


We will use improvisation, writing exercises, and mind-body-heart-soul tools to change your neurological pathways and create lasting effects.


Are you ready? 


It’s time to break away from what’s holding you back… until you’re left with the masterpiece: your Authentic Soul!

Can’t wait to meet you and SoulBlaze Your Life! 


Expect Miracles,

Lisa Haisha


*Coaching is offered virtually or in-person in Los Angeles.