Are you ready to transform your


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Imagine what it would feel like to...

Uproot and heal the childhood trauma that has plagued your subconscious for years… 

Identify and release the false beliefs that have changed the way you think about yourself…

Let go of the negative behavior patterns that have held you captive for so long

And finally lead a more authentic, purposeful life in which you truly THRIVE (and encourage those around you

to do the same!)

Finally live in alignment with your Authentic Soul and live out every one of its desires!

Maybe it seems completely out of reach, because you’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing’s worked.

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, because you no longer believe any of this is possible for you…

Or maybe you’re having doubts because giving up on yourself and giving into self-limiting beliefs has become a bad habit...

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The truth is, many of us have lived our lives having already given up.We’re used to telling ourselves that we CANNOT overcome our biggest challenges (or any challenges). We think we just have to learn to live with it. 

Which means we’ve allowed our Imposters to take over and run the show.

The Imposter Series is a virtual mini-course designed to help you break free from these personal limitations and ignite the process of change from within!

In this self-led video course, I dive deep into the 7 Imposters that live on the stage of your brain and teach you how to acknowledge and befriend each one… so you can LEVERAGE your Imposters for good!

And if you think that transformation is a too-slow process, think again. 

With a heavy dose of new information and a commitment to doing the work, my clients often move from *rock bottom* to finally discovering and then befriending their dominant Imposter… for good. 


The same Imposters wreaking havoc in your life can actually help you find your groove once again!

The Imposter Series is a {virtual} 10-part workshop that includes - 

Video Sessions to dive deep into each of the 7 Imposters 

Downloadable WORKBOOK with 10+ exercises to implement what you learn in session

BONUS meditation practices to help you know your Imposters and tap into your Soul

You’ll learn how deep-rooted narratives from your childhood hardened into subscious (and false) beliefs and patterns that became your Imposters. 

And through my unique SoulBlazing method, I’ll help you become attuned to your deep truths to achieve inner-peace and the freedom to embody your Authentic Soul.

You’ll quickly begin to...

Understand the 7 Imposters that live on the stage of your brain… and acknowledge and LEVERAGE each one.

Learn the SoulBlazing method step-by-step… and explore your personal narratives rooted in childhood and how to rewrite your future.

Quiet your inner-doubts… and open yourself up to the possibility of change from within.


The Imposter Series will help you
answer questions like...

What does it mean to live in alignment with your Authentic Soul?

What are those seven Imposters and how are they holding you back or preventing you from leading a more authentic purposeful and self-actualized life?

How can you leverage them so that they become a superpower rather than an obstacle?

And so much more.

learn more about each imposter by
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The Imposter Series is just $197, and once you sign up, you'll get immediate access.

So if you're ready to do the important inner-work to own your own truth (rather than live under the shadow of your limiting beliefs)… now’s the time!

And it would be my greatest honor to lead you on this transformation from living in self-doubt to thriving in self-realization.